Where to begin? Well for starters: I was born in Birmingham, AL and grew up in Western NY. I got my BFA in Painting and my BA in Art History from Cornell University. I live and work in Boston, where I landed by accident but stay on purpose. My work is pretty popular on the Internet: I’m a Gawker Artist, and I’ve been featured in Beautiful/Decay, on Juxtapoz and on Buzzfeed. As far as the real world goes, some of the galleries in which my work has been shown include: Boston’s Artist’s Foundation, Bromfield Gallery and Rhys Gallery, as well as The Rider Project in New York City. I’m the recent recipient of a Somerville Arts Council Visual Artist Fellowship, an award that helped to fund my Inflatable Love Doll series. My work has been reviewed by and featured in The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix and Boston’s Weekly Dig. The Phoenix and The Dig both mistook me for a man and these errors taught me to clarify my gender in any and all documents that accompany my work.

Enough of that, let’s talk about the art: I’m the first to admit that I really don’t understand the relationship between my gender and eroticism. Time and again throughout history and within pop culture, the erotic range of women is stunted, reduced to unrealistic and overly-simplified representations of female sexuality aimed men and women alike. Why can women appear only as vessels for our cultural fantasies - whether unnaturally pure or intensely impure? These remarkably one-dimensional representations of female sexual identity and the female body - MY identity, MY body - make me want to guffaw and scream in almost equal measure. In retaliation, my work takes the misrepresentation of female sexual identity to what I perceive as its logical extremes. These are my interpretations - both sinister and humorous - of the eroticized chimeras to which some look for inspiration, and others look for titillation.